Acupuncture is a traditional East Asian medical practice that stimulates vital stress points on the human body. It can treat pain & dysfunction of the muscles, nerves, and connective tissue, and can also help with many chronic internal, inflammatory, and neurological conditions.

Doctors of East Asian medicine also prescribe herbal medicine to treat a wide range of conditions. East Asian herbal medicine has been refined over thousands of years and continues to be informed by modern science. Remedies are complex & balanced, tailored to the individual, and have few side effects.

East Asian medicine deeply assesses health patterns in the individual and works to eliminate the underlying problem in the body's homestatic response, traditionally called the 'Qi' mechanism, to treat the root of dysfunction.

Acupuncture helps promote relaxation, vitality, health, and resilience in the face of many of life's physical, biological, and mental stressors. It can awaken a deeper awareness of & comfort in your body and mind. Most people will find acupuncture to be of benefit in one way or another, whether your concern is medical or related to stress relief and vitality.