I typically see patients during normal business hours. You can call or email to schedule an initial appointment. To keep costs down, I don't have a receptionist, so often email is the best way to contact me to schedule or for inquiries or questions about treatment. There is an email icon at the top of the site or you can use the form on the site. Established patients are welcome to text for scheduling follow-ups or return visits. Questions related to health or treatment should be directed to email.

My office is immediately up the stairs from the parking lot entrance. You can just have a seat in the waiting area and I will be out to get you within a few minutes of your appointment time. 

Disclaimer: If you have urgent medical concerns, please seek urgent or emergency care and contact your primary care physician. Acupuncture and East Asian medicine is not a substitute for other forms of medicine. Always inform your primary care physician when you start any regimen of treatment, diet, or exercise.